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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. My name is Humphrey Shotton, and I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Exeter, England. This website exists as a homepage for projects that I have been working on, ranging from web design to video production.

Below are a number of projects I have worked on in the past, many of them being experiments in different technologies. These projects include languages such as PHP (Otaniku, PiPark), Python (PiPark, twied), JS and more. If you have any interest in learning more about these projects, please check out their sections or contact me below.


These are projects that I have worked on.


Social anime sharing website.


Raspberry Pi car parking sensor.


Magic the Gathering tools.


My personal website.

Game History

Video series.


Otaniku is a social anime sharing website created from scratch. This project went through multiple iterations over many years, and ended up being a great learning experience. While the site is not active or updated, it will be kept online for the forseeable future.

The website includes many Web 2.0 features using a user account system. Members can add and edit anime on the site and can create their own list of anime they have watched. It was primarily programmed in PHP.
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PiPark is a prototype smart car parking sensor which uses a Raspberry Pi and camera to detect vacant car parking spaces and upload the data to a website.

The project was created by my friend and I for the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi Competition 2014. We achieved first place in our category.
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Magic: The Gathering Tools

I have made a set of tools to be used alongside the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering.
Color Names Tool

Find out the names of colour combinations easily!
Planechase Tool Archenemy Tool

Planechase and Archenemy app for organising the deck in a planechase or archenemy game.


My personal website designed from the ground up to be a beautiful, responsive experience. The site showcases projects I have worked on.

Being a big fan of pixel art, the website was designed with squares in mind. The site went through many different iterations before arriving at the current version, however I am extremely happy how it turned out.
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Game History

A video series I began working on which showcases the history of video game series.

So far only one episode has been created, around the series Bomberman, however I may make more in the future.
Watch Game History: Bomberman


Please feel free to get in touch.

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