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Hello and welcome to my personal portfolio. My name is Humphrey Shotton, and I am a 21 year old Computer Science student at the University of Exeter, England. This website exists as a personal homepage for projects that I have completed or have been working on. Going by the online alias Humpheh, I have built a portfolio of various projects ranging from web design to video production.

My hobbies involve gaming, web designing, photography, watching TV shows and anime and programming. I love to be creative with computers, and have explored many aspects including creating websites, videos and games. Below are a sample of some of the projects that I have worked on.


These are projects that I have worked on.


Social anime sharing website.


Raspberry Pi car parking sensor.


Magic the Gathering tools.


My personal website.

Game History

Video series.


Otaniku is a social anime sharing website I created from scratch. I have been working on this project in my spare time over the past months.

The website includes many Web 2.0 features using a user account system. Members can add and edit anime on the site and can create their own list of anime they have watched.
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PiPark is a prototype smart car parking sensor which uses a Raspberry Pi and camera to detect vacant car parking spaces and upload the data to a website.

The project was created by my friend and I for the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi Competition 2014. We achieved first place in our category.
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Magic: The Gathering Tools

I have made a set of tools to be used alongside the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering.
Color Names Tool

Find out the names of colour combinations easily!
Planechase Tool Archenemy Tool

Planechase and Archenemy app for organising the deck in a planechase or archenemy game.


My personal website designed from the ground up to be a beautiful, responsive experience. The site showcases projects I have worked on.

Being a big fan of pixel art, the website was designed with squares in mind. The site went through many different iterations before arriving at the current version, however I am extremely happy how it turned out.
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Game History

A video series I began working on which showcases the history of video game series.

So far only one episode has been created, around the series Bomberman, however I may make more in the future.
Watch Game History: Bomberman


Feel free to get in touch. I'm may be available for freelance work.

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