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Hi, I'm Humphrey. Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a keen software engineer, recently graduating in Computer Science from the University of Exeter, England. One of my first adventures into programming was in 2005 when I designed and built a website for my primary school. Since then I have been I have tried all sorts of programming from games to websites to emulators.

In some ways these projects show my journey through my career as a programmer. This ranges from some ambitious ideas such as Otaniku, a full fledged social website I created in 2013, to more recent projects such as PiPark, and GoBoy. If you want to chat to me about anything here, please do contact me below.



GoBoy is a working multi-platform Nintendo GameBoy and GameBoy Color emulator written in Go.

This emulator was primarily built as a development exercise, and while still work in progress it should run the majority of GB games, and some CGB games. There is also experimental sound and colour support implemented.

The project was a fascinating look at understanding the internals of the GameBoy hardware, and was also a great task to further my Go knowledge. I believe it to be the first GB emulator written in Go with sound support!
View GoBoy on GitHub


PiPark is a prototype smart car parking sensor which uses a Raspberry Pi and camera to detect vacant car parking spaces and upload the data to a website.

The project was created by my friend and I for the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi Competition 2014. We achieved first place in our category.
View PiPark on GitHub


Otaniku is a social anime sharing website I created in 2013. This project went through multiple iterations over many years, and while the website is no longer active it was a great experience where I learned a lot about web development.

The website included many features incluing a user account system. Members can add and edit anime on the site and can create their own list of anime they have watched. This was all around a nice modern design which I think still holds up to todays standards.

While no longer online, the whole site is still explorable via the Wayback Machine.
Archived Site

Magic: The Gathering Tools

I have made a set of tools to be used alongside the collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering. The colour names tool allows you to easily find and discover the many different combination names.
Color Names Tool

Planechase and Archenemy app for organising the deck in a planechase or archenemy game.
Planechase Tool Archenemy Tool

Game History

A video series I began working on which showcases the history of video game series.

So far only one episode has been created, around the series Bomberman, however I may make more in the future.
Watch Game History: Bomberman


Please do contact me if you want to chat!
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